Best Way to Clean Windows

Throughout the year, your windows collect dust, dirt and grime from air pollution, rainfall, wind and many other external factors beyond your control. These streaks, spots and stains not only diminish the look of your windows, but can also cause less sunlight to enter your beautiful property. To keep the sun shining through and your property bright, it is important to get your windows cleaned properly.

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Understanding the Best Way to Clean Windows

The best way to wash windows is to start by using a duster or vacuum to eliminate loose grime from the frame, tracks and sill. Getting rid of loose dirt before spraying with a cleaning solution will prevent a dirty mixture from accumulating at the bottom of your window frames. Keeping your blinds and curtains clean will also help with the speed at which dust accumulates on the inside of your windows.

Next, spraying your windows with the proper glass cleaner will help to reduce streak. Using lint-free microfiber fabric cloth is best for window cleaning. Wipe the windows from high to low, making sure to limit the streaks. If streaks appear, give them another wipe to clean up the glass. It’s important to note that cleaning windows on a hot sunny day will be more difficult, as the sun can dry cleaning solutions on your glass faster than you can wipe, creating more streaks.

The Easiest Way to Clean Windows – Choose House Washing Heroes

House Washing Heroes is a professional team, dedicated to window cleaning. Our commitment to our clients is unmatched in Brisbane and the surrounding area. The House Washing Heroes team is filled with qualified and insured professionals who are time efficient and respectful of your home. As well, House Washing Heroes uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, so you know that your family, pets and garden will not be affected by runoff. Getting professional help will save you a hassle, time and money in the long term.

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