Cleaning Glass Pool Fence

With unobstructed views from outside and inside the pool, durability and an aesthetically pleasing appearance, glass pool fences are a great choice for backyard swimming pool fencing. Just like with any glass surface, stains, marks, spots and streaks are common occurrences.

Exterior elements such as splashing, weather events, marine salt and dust can make their way onto your glass pool fence over time which can deteriorate the look of your fence. Fortunately, cleaning glass pool fences is straightforward and requires minimal upkeep. Adhere to this effortless guide on the easiest way to clean glass pool fences.

How to Clean Glass Pool Fences

There are many products that talk about how amazing they are at cleaning glass surfaces, and while this may be true, water and common liquid soap will also do the trick. In a bucket, mix warm water and liquid soap. Using a sponge, clean the glass panelling to remove stains and blemishes. It is important to make sure that there is no debris or sand on the sponge, as this can damage the glass fencing. After the glass pool fence is soapy, use a garden hose with warm water to rinse the soap off the glass. Leave the glass panels to air dry and you will have beautiful clear glass in no time at all.

A totally frameless glass pool fence usually requires less maintenance, as glass pool fence posts are usually made from different materials needing different cleaning methods. Stainless steel posts can corrode and even rust under certain conditions, requiring them to be kept dry. For posts and railing coated in powder, it is important to get professional assistance, so you don’t damage the protective layer while cleaning. 

Cleaning Glass Pool Fence - Cleaning Glass Pool Fence

While cleaning your fencing yourself can be simple and effective for the short term, the best way to clean a glass pool fence is to get professional help. The House Washing Heroes team provides comprehensive glass cleaning services in Brisbane and the surrounding areas to keep your glass fencing clean and safe. As well as glass pool fence cleaning, House Washing Heroes provides exceptional and comprehensive house cleaning services and pressure washing services.  For an environmentally friendly, efficient, insured service that you can rely on, contact us today.

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