Frequently asked questions

Yes. We clean roofs. Please call or contact us for more information.
We use a 100% biodegradable house wash solution to remove mould and algae growth that leads to a thorough clean. The solution also helps remove cob webs, insect nests and dirt without the need for high pressure.
None. We use a water filtration & purification system so there is no residue left on your glass and screens. Using low pressure water through telescopic water-fed poles and professional brushes gets your glass sparkling clean.
The soft wash system uses between 90 and 300PSI, about the same as a garden hose with a nozzle attached. For high pressure we use commercial machines that generate up to 5,000 PSI and disperse up to 26 litres per minute. Your average domestic electric high pressure water unit runs at about 5 litres per minute.

Generally the answer is no. If the gutter guard is a cheap plastic product the Client may opt to just have us remove and dispose of it. If you have a fitted gutter guard that is permanently attached we do not attempt to remove screws or clips. Contact the gutter guard company who installed the product for assistance to clean out affected gutters.