How to Clean Pebblecrete driveway

Your driveway is one of the first things that people see from the curb as they look upon your property. As such, it is important to keep it clean and cared for.

The safest way to clean and care for your pebblecrete driveway is to remove stains and grime quickly. It is important to get professional help, as this will broaden the life of your driveway, your curb appeal and increase your property value. If you’re in Brisbane or the surrounding area, and looking for a brand-new looking driveway outside your house, get in touch with House Washing Heroes. 

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Understanding How to Clean a Pebblecrete Driveway

Pebblecrete driveways look wonderful from the curb, but they can get dirty and easily loosened without proper treatment. Understanding how to clean a pebblecrete driveway starts with getting rid of all of the dirt and rubble from the surface of your driveway. Next, using a high-pressure hose, further clean debris from the driveway. It is important to note that if the pressure is too high, it can cause pieces of the driveway to loosen and break. After spraying the driveway down with high-pressure water, driveway cleaner is applied to the stain. A buffer is then used to scrub the surface of your driveway to loosen the stain. The high-pressure washer is then used again to remove the cleaner and stain from your driveway, driving the grime toward the road.

Why choose House Washing Heroes

Cleaning a pebblecrete driveway by yourself can be an intense and laborious task, and you may risk potentially damaging your driveway if you’re not careful. When looking to clean your driveway, it’s always best to consult a professional.

The experienced crew at House Washing Heroes is insured and comes with the knowledge and equipment needed to get the job done. House Washing Heroes will support your busy schedule by planning times to service your driveway at times that work best for you.

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