How to Remove Cobwebs From the Exterior of Your House

While cobwebs are a common occurrence in most homes, that doesn’t mean they don’t deteriorate the look and feel of your home, especially when found in front windows, walls and door frames.

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner looking to remove cobwebs yourself or a seasoned veteran looking for tips, we’re here to explain how to remove cobwebs from the exterior of your house like a professional.

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Understanding How to Remove Cobwebs From the Exterior of Your House

While it can be tempting to simply go at your cobwebs with a brush, this can leave your exterior with residue, dirt and grime and can have you repeating the process frequently. To remove cobwebs like an expert, consider following these steps:

1.   Rinse

If you’re wondering how to get rid of spider webs outside windows, you’ll want to start with a hose. Thoroughly soak your windows, frames and screens with a high-pressure garden hose to wash away any webs and critters. Focus on the corners and hard-to-clean areas and try to rinse away as much webbing as possible. 

2.   Apply Window Cleaner

After giving your windows a rinse with water, spray any glass with your window cleaner of choice. This will ensure your windows don’t dry with streaks, giving you the ultimate finish.

3.   Wipe and Dry

Using an old rag or soft cloth, wipe away any remaining webs, dust and debris from your window frames and corners. Then, using a soft microfibre cloth, dry your glass with long strokes to avoid steaks and to give you a professional finish.

This technique can be applied to any windows and walls, and is the best way to clean cobwebs in your garage.

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While relatively simple to do, cleaning your exterior of cobwebs can be tedious and potentially dangerous if you’re having to reach multi-level walls and windows. At House Washing Heroes, our dedicated team is experienced in cobweb removal, as well as other services including gutter cleaning and pressure washing.


We come prepared with all the necessary equipment, expertise and insurance to leave the exteiror of your home sparkling. For more information on any of our services, or to book a cleaning, contact us today.

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