How to Soft Wash a House

Cleaning the exterior of your property is a must, and soft washing is one of the best ways to do this. If you are a property owner and you are wondering how to soft wash a house, look no further. While pressure washing is an effective cleaning method that utilises high-pressured water, it is usually employed on hardscapes like driveways and decks, as it can damage the exterior of your home. Soft washing is similar, but it uses lower water pressure to mitigate damage done to exterior surfaces.

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Understanding How to Soft Wash a House

Soft washing is a cleaning method that utilises low pressure to safely clean parts of your home that pressure washing could potentially harm such as shingles, glass, screens, wood panelling, outdoor furniture and more.

A cleaning solution containing bleach and a surfactant should be used, as it will allow for the dislodging of debris, fungus, mold and other unwanted grime on your property. Start spraying your property from the bottom up, working in ten foot increments at a time. Allowing the cleaning agent to sit a while before rinsing will give more opportunity for it to penetrate and remove unwanted waste. After, rinse your property with water and repeat if necessary.

Using a Pressure Washer to Soft Wash Your House

If you were wondering how to soft wash a house with a pressure washer or how to soft wash a brick house, you are in luck because it is quite simple. To use a pressure washer for soft washing, all you need to do is adjust the PSI to a lower pressure. Further, cleaning a brick house requires the same technique stated above, but extra care must be taken as to not dislodge fragments. 

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As soft washing can be a large undertaking with significant risks, we recommend contacting a professional for this service. House Washing Heroes brings a crew of trained and insured experts to soft wash your entire property.

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